Ogre 2.1 Released

Ogre 2.1 Baldur Released

The long running open source C++ framework Ogre just released Ogre 2.1 Baldur.  Performance optimizations, a new compositor and shading system and more top the list of features.Highlight features from the release announcement:Hlms (High Level Material System) to generate shaders automatically. Replaces RTSS and manual shaders PBS – Physically Based Shading New Compositor. More flexible, […]

Shiro's Open Source Haxe Game Development Stack

Shiro’s Game Technology Stack

Shiro Games, the developers behind such games as Evoland, Northgard and Darksburg, just posted a blog post on the technology they use to develop their game.The primary parts of the development stack include:The Haxe LanguageHaxe is a cross platform open source programming language with a high-level strictly typed language capable of being compatible to multiple […]

raylib 3.0 released

Raylib 3.0 Released

Raylib 3.0 was released today.  Raylib is an open source, cross platform C based framework of tools and libraries for making games.  Components of raylib can be used on their own, however you can also download a preconfigured development environment making it among the easiest ways to get started doing C or C++ game programming.  […]

Building a Moai Android application

  This guide will run through the process of creating and building an Android host for use with Moai.   There are a number of installs and configurations you need to perform before you can build Moai for Android.  If you need details on any of the individual steps, click the link to jump to […]

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