The State of Unreal Engine GDC 2024 in Under 10 minutes

GDC State of Unreal 2024

The GDC annual State of Unreal just ended, with Epic Games summarizing the biggest new features coming to Unreal Engine, UEFN and more. First talk about Unreal Engine 5.4, which is available in preview download right now from the Epic Launcher. Skydance’s presentation featured Nanite Tessellation and volumetric rendering, which

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Unity AI Announced at GDC23

Unity Announced Unity AI

Just a few days after we covered the impressive ChatGPT integration demo from a Unity developer, Unity have formally announced Unity AI. Right now details are exceptionally vague, with Unity releasing a video that shows the kinds of things you can request of Unity AI, but no actual results. At

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Nvidia Game Development SDK announcements at GDC 2023 DLSS 3, Path Tracing, MicroMesh and more

Nvidia at GDC 2023

Yesterday, Nvidia announced the release of several game development SDKs at GDC 2023. This includes the new version of DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling, now with frame generation, as well as Streamline and abstraction layer of super resolution solutions (FSR, DLSS, Xe Super Sampling). They additionally announced new Path

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AWS Cloud Game Development and GameKit GameSparks announcements at GDC22

AWS For Games At GDC — Cloud Game Development, GameSparks, GameKit and More

Today at GDC22 Amazon have made several announcements around AWS for Games, including the new Gamesparks & GameKit SDKs as well as new details on remote on-demand streamed game development options for cloud based game development. GameSparks: A fully managed game backend-as-a-service launching in preview that provides the tools to

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