The Future of Godot 4.x has just been released. New development schedule, Beta 3.6 release and more

The Future of Godot 4.x

Godot have recently released a trio of articles outlining the near future of Godot Engine development, now that Godot 4 is here. First we have an update to the development schedule of the Godot engine starting with Godot 4.1. Second, we have an update on the features of Godot 4.1 …

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Godot 4 Game Engine Released

Godot 4 Released

Coming over 5 years after the release of Godot 3, the long wait for Godot 4 has finally come to an end, Godot 4 was just released. Godot is a popular open source 2D/3D game engine. The 4.0 release predictably enough is absolutely packed with new features and changes. Key …

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