Cascadeur Physics and AI driven animation tool release version 2022.1

Cascadeur 2022.1 EA Released

Cascadeur, a unique 3D animation software that first hit beta back in 2020 just released version 2022.1 EA. The EA stands for early access, which mostly just means the software is available with a 50% discount until full release. Cascadeur uses a combination of physics and machine learning to make …

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Inkscape 1.2 Released BEta

Inkscape 1.2 Beta Released

Top popular open source vector based graphics application, Inkscape just released Beta 1.2, the first major release in almost a year. Inkscape is available for free download on Linux, Mac and Windows. The 1.2 beta release is packed with new features, fixes and improvements, including: Inkscape documents can now hold …

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Vulkan 1.3 Specification Released

Vulkan 1.3 Specification Released

Just over a year since the release of the Vulkan 1.2 specification, the Khronos Group today announced the release of Vulkan 1.3. This release focuses heavily on eliminating fragmentation by consolidating several popular extensions into the core specification as well as introducing device profiles. Additionally new extension support for VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering …

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