LibGDX Tutorial Part 16: Cameras

  Previous Part Table Of ContentsNext Part   In this tutorial we are going to look at how to use Cameras ( and in the next, Viewports ) in LibGDX.  I will admit, I am a bit late in covering this topic, as I should have covered it much earlier in the series.  In fact, […]

LibGDX Tutorial Part 17: Viewports

  Previous Part Table Of Contents     In the previous tutorial we looked at how to use a camera with LibGDX to abstract away resolution differences so you are no longer using pixel coordinates.  This however doesn’t really help you all that much if your aspect ratios are massively different.  Fortunately LibGDX implements the […]

LibGDX Tutorial 2: Hello World

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   There is an old law, possibly predating the age of man, that all tutorials must start with Hello World.  I am nothing if not law abiding, so therefore let’s create a Hello World app.  Hello World is generally one of the simplest programs you can create, you […]

LibGDX Tutorial Part 14: Gamepad support

  Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   Today we are going to look at adding game pad support into LibGDX, specifically the XBox 360 controller.  Why the Xbox 360 controller?  Well, it’s the controller that I ( and 90% of other PC gamers it seems ) own.  You should be able to modify […]

LibGDX Tutorial 1: Creating an initial project

Table Of Contents Next Part   In case you’ve never heard of it, LibGDX is a Java based game library capable of targeting iOS, Android, Desktop ( Windows, Mac and Linux ) and HTML5.  It provides a full suite of 2D game functionality including Input, Graphics, Fonts,  Physics, Storage and increasingly, 3D.  So basically LibGDX […]

LibGDX Tutorial 3: Basic graphics

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   This is the part people always find the most fun, the actual act of putting graphics up on screen.  Let’s start with about the simplest project that we can.   We are going to display this sprite (created in this tutorial):   On screen.  One important thing […]

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