LibGDX Tutorial 10: Basic networking

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   We are going to look at networking for your LibGDX application.  Networking in LibGDX is relatively primitive, supporting only socket communications.  In many cases though, that’s more than enough.  We are going to implement a very simple socket based chat application.  The code is heavily commented, so […]

LibGDX Tutorial 1: Creating an initial project

Table Of Contents Next Part   In case you’ve never heard of it, LibGDX is a Java based game library capable of targeting iOS, Android, Desktop ( Windows, Mac and Linux ) and HTML5.  It provides a full suite of 2D game functionality including Input, Graphics, Fonts,  Physics, Storage and increasingly, 3D.  So basically LibGDX […]

3D models and animation from Blender to LibGDX

  Let me start off by saying that exporting from Blender is always a pain in the ass.  This experience didn’t prove to be an exception.  I will describe the process in some detail.   First and foremost, Blender 2.69 DIDNT work.  At least not for me, not matter what I did, Blender 2.69 would […]

LibGDX Video Tutorial Series

LibGDX Tutorial Series Welcome to the LibGDX tutorial series. Select a link below to expand and view the video. Each video is available in 1080p resolution on YouTube. Where applicable, there will also be a post to a page with full source examples for each tutorial. If you prefer text based tutorials to video, […]

libGDX Tutorial Series Banner

LibGDX Tutorial series

  The following is an ongoing series on working with the exceptional library, LibGDX.  LibGDX is a cross platform Java based game development library that handles almost all facets of game development.  These tutorials assume you have some prior experience with Java and Eclipse and each part assumes you have read the prior parts.   […]

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