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Raylib 4.2 Released C/C++ Based Open Source Game Development Framework

RayLib 4.2 Released

RayLib, a popular open source C/C++ based framework for game and multimedia development, just released RayLib 4.2. Almost a year after the release of RayLib 4.0, RayLib 4.2 has seen rapid growth in the number of contributors and much of the development of this release should make it easier for …

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Github CoPilot Ai powered coding assistant released

GitHub Copilot Released

Nearly one year ago GitHub launched Copilot in private beta and today Copilot is available in general release with a subscription attached. Copilot is a collaboration between Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI and uses artificial intelligence to act as a virtual coding assistant. GitHub Copilot is described as: GitHub Copilot is …

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Inkscape 1.2 Released

Inkscape 1.2 Released

Just one month after the beta release, the popular open source vector graphics based application Inkscape just released Inkscape 1.2. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the 1.2 release adds tons of new features and user interface improvements. Highlight features of the 1.2 release include: Inkscape documents can now hold …

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Overgrowth Source Code Released By Wolfire Games

Wolfire Games Release Overgrowth Source Code

Game developer Wolfire Games have just released the source code to both the game and the game engine behind Overgrowth. Overgrowth is a 3D action adventure game starring anthropomorphized animal characters. The source code is released under the permissive Apache 2.0 code license. Game assets however are not released, so …

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