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Defold Engine Open Sourced

Defold Engine Open Sourced

The Defold game engine is now open sourced under the Apache open source license.  The source code is now available on GitHub and Defold development is now controlled by the newly created Defold Foundation.EDIT – The above contained an error.  The license is not Apache, it’s Apache derived.  This is unfortunate as Godot creator @reduzio […]

Godot Concept Graph Procedural Graphics

Concept Graph–Procedural Content Generation For Godot

Concept Graph is perhaps the single most impressive plugin I have seen yet for the Godot game engine.  It aims to bring the world of procedural content generation to the Godot game engine and quite frankly, even in an early experimental state, it succeeds.  Even in my short hands-on time with Concept Graph, I can […]

Pose Animator

Pose Animator

Pose Animator is a free and open source implementation showcasing how you can animated an SVG avatar using either webcam driven face and bone data, or from analyzing a static image.  On the GitHub repository, Pose Animator is described accordingly:Pose Animator takes a 2D vector illustration and animates its containing curves in real-time based on […]

Inkscape 1.0 Released

First launched in 2003, the open source cross platform vector graphics application Inkscape just hit the major 1.0 milestone!  Inkscape is open source with the source code available on GitLab.  Details of the release from the Inkscape news page:After a little over three years in development, the team is excited to launch the long awaited […]

Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate

Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Inskscape, the open source cross platform vector graphics application, just released the first release candidate on the way to a full 1.0 release.  Along side the RC1 release, they also released version 0.92.5 of the stable branch.Details of the two releases from the Inkscape news pages:Inkscape 0.92.5While we are working to release Inkscape 1.0 in […]

Shiro's Open Source Haxe Game Development Stack

Shiro’s Game Technology Stack

Shiro Games, the developers behind such games as Evoland, Northgard and Darksburg, just posted a blog post on the technology they use to develop their game.The primary parts of the development stack include:The Haxe LanguageHaxe is a cross platform open source programming language with a high-level strictly typed language capable of being compatible to multiple […]

raylib 3.0 released

Raylib 3.0 Released

Raylib 3.0 was released today.  Raylib is an open source, cross platform C based framework of tools and libraries for making games.  Components of raylib can be used on their own, however you can also download a preconfigured development environment making it among the easiest ways to get started doing C or C++ game programming.  […]

Corona Labs Shutting Down

Corona Labs Closing–Engine Fully Open-Sourced

After several years of changing business models and ownership changes, Corona Labs have decided to shut things down.  Thankfully for Corona users they full open sourced the engine and tooling and changed to the MIT license.Details of the closure process from the Corona Labs site (warning, it’s having trouble right now):Some of the Corona Labs […]

Armor Paint Banner

Building ArmorPaint From Source

ArmorPaint is an open source competitor to Substance Painter, from the creator of the Armory game engine (tutorial series available here).  It is available for just 16 Euro in binary form, but can also be built from source code.  This guide walks you step by step through the process of building ArmorPaint from source.There are […]

Pixelorama Screenshot

Pixelorama Pixel Art Tool

PixelORama is a free, open source (MIT licensed) pixel art application written using the Godot game engine in GDScript.  Version 0.5 was just recently released with the following features:Choosing between 6 tools – pencil, eraser, fill bucket, lighten/darken, color picker and rectangle select – and mapping them to both of your left and right mouse […]

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