Programming Language

Checked C Language

Checked C is a research project from Microsoft research that attempts to make the C programming language safer for developers. Checked C is implemented as a Clang compiler for Windows and Linux. It provides a series of extensions to the C programming language that make it safer to use pointers

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Beef Programming Language

Beef 0.42.7 Released

Beef is a new open source cross platform programming languages that attempts to take C#-like syntax and giving it performance similar to C++ including manual memory management. Beef is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and includes a custom IDE. The 0.42.7 release adds the following new features: Dynamic boxing

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Wren Programming Language

wren Programming Language

Very similar in scope and purpose to the recently covered Gravity language, today we are looking at wren.  wren is a class based programming language that aims to bring Smalltalk like programming to a Lua sized footprint, with the intention of being embedded in application code.  Highlights of wren include:Wren is small. The VM implementation […]

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