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Humble iOS and Android Mobile Development Bundle

Humble iOS and Android Mobile Development Bundle

There is a new Humble of interest to game developers, specifically mobile developers, in the form of the iOS & Android Mobile Development by Packt bundle. 1$ Tier Android Programming for Beginners iOS 13 Programming for Beginners Flutter for Beginners Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners Learn Swift by Building …

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Beef Programming Language

Beef 0.42.7 Released

Beef is a new open source cross platform programming languages that attempts to take C#-like syntax and giving it performance similar to C++ including manual memory management. Beef is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and includes a custom IDE. The 0.42.7 release adds the following new features: Dynamic boxing …

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Wren Programming Language

wren Programming Language

Very similar in scope and purpose to the recently covered Gravity language, today we are looking at wren.  wren is a class based programming language that aims to bring Smalltalk like programming to a Lua sized footprint, with the intention of being embedded in application code.  Highlights of wren include:Wren is small. The VM implementation […]

Gravity Programming Language

Gravity Embeddable Programming Language

Currently trending on Hacker News, Gravity is an open source programming language that is designed to be embedded in iOS and Android applications.  Released under the MIT license, Gravity is entirely C99 code with the single dependency being the C Standard Library, making Gravity incredible portable.  It is also extremely light weight while still being […]

Beef Programming Language

Beef Programming Language

Beef is an in development programming language designed specifically for games and similar performance critical applications.  This comment from Hacker News best sums up the intentions of the BEEF language:Author here. I’m the engineering co-founder of PopCap Games. I left PopCap after the EA acquisition, and I’ve been working on this project mostly full-time for […]

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