AI Powered Pairs Programming from GitHub Copilot X and Microsoft ChatGPT4

GitHub Copilot X

Nearly a year after the release of GitHub Copilot, GitHub/Microsoft have just released GitHub Copilot X. Copilot X has moved from ChatGPT 3 to ChatGPT 4 and now offers context aware conversations (it remembers what you’ve talked about and responds accordingly). The “X” part of Copilot X represent that Copilot …

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JetBrains have announced the death of their Apple specific IDE AppCode

JetBrains Killing Off AppCode

AppCode is one of the suite of developer tools from JetBrains (which also include IDEs such as Rider, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm and CLion). The focus of AppCode is on programming languages specific to the Apple ecosystem, specifically Swift and Objective C. On December 14th they released an update, AppCode 2022.3 …

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Happy International Day of the Programmer with free game development books from Fanatical

Celebrate Day of the Programmer with Free Books From Fanatical

Today (September 13th) is the International Day of the Programmer and to celebrate Fanatical are giving away several game development themed books. The day of the programmer is the 0x100th day of the year in hexicdecal, or the 256th day of the year. The books in the bundle include: Creating …

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Neovim VI and VIM derived text editor for programmers

Neovim Text Editor

On GameFromScratch we have covered dozens of programming tools, but today we are looking at the offspring of one of the oldest software applications still in daily use, Neovim. The great grand parent of Neovim is VI, a console based bare bones (compared to EMACS at least) text editor that …

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