TerraWorld Pro for Unity Terra World

TerraWorld Pro For Unity

TerraWorld Pro is a add-on for the Unity game engine, currently featured in the MegaBundle Sale (more details here). This powerful Unity extension enabled you to create terrain from real world sources, including government GIS databases and Open Street Maps. Features include: • Detailed worlds using real-world elevation, satellite imagery

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TileWorldCreator and FullScreen Editor Hands-On for Unity

TileWorldCreator And FullScreen Editor For Unity Hands-On

Unity are currently running their annual Mega Bundle (covered here) a huge collection of Unity assets including TileWorldCreator and FullScreen Editor, both of which we go hands-on with today. TileWorldCreator is a procedural tool for quickly creating 2D and 3D levels. Features include: Create beautiful islands or awesome dungeons. Use

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