OReilly Programming Language Humble Bundle

Programming Languages Books By OReilly Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Humble Book Bundle: Programming Languages by O’Reilly bundle.  This is a collection of ebooks covering a variety of programming languages.  This bundle includes the following tiers:1$ Tier97 Things Every Java Programmer Should KnowThink JuliaProgramming ScalaIntroducing GoLearning Perl8$ TierLearning SQLProgramming PHPR CookbookHead First KotlinUsing […]

Humble JavaScript Coding Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Humble JavaScript Coding Bundle.  This bundle consists of JavaScript themed courses from Zenva,  many of which are themed around game development related topics.  Do be aware that many of the included courses have been included in prior Humble Bundles, so be sure to […]

Unity Power Tools Sale On Now

Unity Power Tools Bundle

Over on the Unity Asset Store, Unity are running the Power Tools bundle, a collection of addons for the Unity game engine providing functionality from dialog support, to advanced terrain tools and even in game painting capabilities.  This bundle is organized into tiers, buying a higher dollar value tier gives you access to all the […]

Humble Game Creator Bundle

Game Creator Humble Bundle

The Game Creator Humble Bundle is currently running over at Humble.  The bundle contains dozens of game assets including sprites, 2.5D art, battler images and music assets for use in your game, as well as the 001 Game Creator game engine and PixelMash, a pixel graphics application previously covered here.As with all Bundles this one […]

Unreal Engine Free Stuff For July 2020

Unreal Engine July 2020 Giveaway

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and that means it’s time for another Unreal Engine giveaway.  Every month they give away several assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace, so long as you “purchase” them before the first Tuesday of the following month.This months free assets include:Meadow – Environment SetPhotorealistic Landscape Pack 3PSD2UMGSMART – ArchViz […]

Unreal Book Deal On At Fanatical

Unreal Game Development Bundle 2nd Edition on Fanatical

Fanatical have several e-book bundles of interest to game developers and recently updated the Unreal Game Development Bundle to include several new books, making it an even better deal.The bundle now consists of:Visual Scripting for Unreal EngineUnreal Engine Physics EssentialsUnreal Engine 4 AI Programming EssentialsBuilding an RPG with Unreal 4.xUnreal Engine Game Development BlueprintsLearning Unreal […]

Unity Fantastic Fantasy Pack

Unity Fantastic Fantasy Asset Bundle

Today on the Unity Asset Store, they are running the Fantastic Fantasy bundle, a collection of Unity assets around a common medieval/fantasy theme with a consistent low polygon art style.  The bundle is organized into tiers, purchase a higher value tier you get all of the asset in the tiers below it as well.  The […]

Bundle For Racial Justice on Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality are currently running a charity bundle containing hundreds of indie games, projects and even game development assets, all in support the the #BlackLivesMatter movement.The following is the announcement tweet by bundle runs until June 16th and can be had for as little as $5 USD, with proceeds split 50/50 between NAACP Legal Defense […]

Unreal Engine Free Stuff For June 2020

Unreal Engine June 2020 Marketplace Giveaway

Epic Games have just announced the June 2020 free assets and this month is rather special.  They are giving away the same assets as the very first Marketplace giveaway for those that missed them.  For every asset creator however, there is an additional free asset in this pack, including two new permanently free assets as […]

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