The Stride 4.2 Game Engine was just released

Stride 4.2 Released

The open source C# powered game engine Stride just released version 4.2. The first major release since Stride 4.1 all the way back in August of 2022. There are several new features in Stride 4.2, but the highlight features are no doubt the support for .NET 8 and C# 12, […]

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Stride 4 Game Engine Released

Stride 4 Engine Released

The open source Stride engine just released version 4, several months after the beta release we falsely reported as a final release. Stride is a modern designed entity based Windows powered game engine capable of targeting Windows, UWP, Android, iOS and VR headsets using DirectX and Vulkan. The 4.0 release

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Stride 4 Game Engine Released

Stride 4 Released

Stride, the game engine previously known as Xenko (and Paradox before that), just released version 4.0.  Details of the release from the Stride 4 release notes (no link possible currently).Thanks to a substantial contribution from Sean Boettger and sponsored by David Jeske, Stride now supports Voxel Cone Tracing GI!.NET CoreAs a first step toward .NET […]

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