Blender an Hour at a Time–A Blender Video Tutorial Series

  This tutorial series covers all aspects of using the Blender 3D computer graphics package.  Coverage is split into easily digested one hour chunks, covering as much on that topic as possible within the hour time limit.  Or close to an hour… I miss a couple times.  Also over time GameFromScratch has published several short […]

Unity Learn Premium Free

Unity Learn Premium For Free

With so many people stuck at home due to the quarantines around the COVID-19 virus, Unity technologies have released Unity Learn Premium for free to developers for the next few months.  Unity Learn Premium is a great source of Unity tutorials, courses, lessons and projects and even included non-Unity related content on topics such as […]

3D Buzz Now Free

3DBuzz Shut Down And Release Content For Free

3DBuzz is one of the original online learning resources for computer graphics, programming and game development, first launching way back in 2002.  Until recently the site was completely commercial, with prices set on a per course basis or available under a monthly subscription.  They announced they will be shutting down, for the most unfortunate of […]

Choosing A Laptop For Game Development 2019

  Back in 2016 I did my first guide to Choosing a Game Development Laptop, then did a follow up edition the beginning of 2018. A fair bit has changed since then, so here is the 2019 edition.  There is a video version of this guide embedded below.   What has changed? If you read […]

Creating Maps With Tiled

Creating An Isometric Map Using Tiled Tutorial

So many of the best games ever created use the Isometric graphic style.  Games such as Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Planescape Torment, Ultima 7, XCom and Diablo 1 and 2 are shining examples of games made in this style.  In this tutorial we show how you can easily create Isometric style maps using the […]

Meshroom 3D Scanning Software

Creating 3D Models From Photos Using Meshroom

Meshroom is a new, free and open source photogrammetry software from AliceVision.  Photogrammetry software enable you to create a 3D scene using a series of photographs, generally the more the merrier.  Currently documentation is a bit lacking, so I’ve decided to create this quick tutorial.  In this tutorial we are going to quickly walk through […]

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot 3 Tutorial– Networking

This video covers networking in the Godot game engine.  First we start of creating a simple UDP socket server and a client.  We then illustrate the use of HTTPClient to make a REST web service request.  We then create a simple ENet based client and server in Godot.  Finally we create a simple lobby and […]

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot 3 Tutorial–2D Physics

This video tutorial covers using the 2D physics system built into Godot 3.  We will cover simple collisions using Area2D, then full blown physics simulations using Rigid Bodies, Kinematic Bodies and Static Bodies, showing how to respond to collisions using code.  Finally we look at collision masks and layers to control what physic objects collide […]

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