Game Development Math Recipes

  One of the most daunting aspects of game development for many people is the mathematics involved.  The following are a collection of recipes that go into detail on how to perform a number of common math related tasks.  Each example ships with at least one working demonstration application (written in JavaScript using EaselJS), with […]

GameDev math recipes: Rotating one point around another point

It is quite common to want to rotate one point relative to another the location of another point.  This math recipe looks at exactly this process.   Just the math angle = (angle ) * (Math.PI/180); // Convert to radians var rotatedX = Math.cos(angle) * (point.x – center.x) – Math.sin(angle) * (point.y-center.y) + center.x; var […]

GameDev math recipes: Rotating to face a point

This recipe looks at how to rotate one sprite relative to another point.  In this example, we rotate a jet sprite to face the position of the mouse.   Mouse over the application to your right to see how the centred sprite follows the mouse cursor.  You may need to tap the screen to focus […]

Tutorial: Simple video editing using Blender 2.6x

  One area of Blender that is often over looked, or people are downright unaware of, is its video editing capabilities. Hidden behind the 3D functionality we all know and love, under a layer of yes… sometimes confusing UI, lives a remarkably capable NLE ( non-linear editor ).   In this tutorial I am going […]

Telling Eclipse to use the JDK instead of JRE

    Eclipse has this annoying habit of using the JRE instead of a JDK you have installed.  It isn’t immediately obvious what is happening until you attempt to build a project.  For example, I just move some PlayN source to a new laptop and when I try to compile I get:   [ERROR] Failed […]

Game From Scratch C++ and SFML Edition!

  Want to create a game using C++ and SFML?  This is the perfect place to start! This tutorial series will follow the creation of a simple game in C++ from the very beginning till the end, a micro-version of the overall purpose of this site.  C++ is an evolving language standard and a great […]

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