PCUI Open Source UI Framework Released

PCUI — UI Framework Powering PlayCanvas Engine Open Sourced

Yesterday PCUI, an open source UI framework for creating game tools and other web applications, was open sourced. PCUI is named as such because it is the UI layer powering the battle tested PlayCanvas game engine. It provides over a dozen controls, as well as implementing logic such as the …

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New Cocos Creator Tutorial Series

A brand new tutorial series just went live on devga.me (to join the existing Armory 3D series), the Cocos Creator Crash Course.The series currently consists of the following tutorial parts:Cocos Creator Tutorial Series homepageIntroduction and Getting StartedCreating a SpriteIntroduction to Cocos ScriptingDebuggingHandling InputSound and MusicAnimationThere are a few more tutorial chapters in active development.  The […]

Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript tutorial series

      This is the table of contents page for the ongoing series on working with the Phaser HTML5 gaming library using the TypeScript programming language.  This is a well documented library, although almost all of the documentation is in JavaScript.  Getting it to work with TypeScript can take a bit of hoop jumping. […]

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