The Continuing Fallout of the Unity Runtime Fee

Unity Pricing Fallout Continues

In the aftermath of the ill-advised Unity run-time fee, Unity faced massive backlash from their developers including an organized protest turning off IronSource/Unity Ads. Ultimately Unity admitted they messed up and announced a vastly pared back price increase, which most importantly would only apply to new Unity versions, starting with …

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The Future of C# Programming in Godot discussed as Unity users switch engines.

The Future of C# in Godot

With several Unity developers moving to the Godot Game Engine the C# language support in the Godot engine just became much more important for future developments. Right now C# support is not perfect with for example the following platform limitations: As it stands, Godot 4 has moved to a new …

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The Stride Game Engine for Unity Game Developers looking for an alternative

Stride For Unity Developers

Ever since the massive backlash over the Unity Runtime Fee many Unity developers have been looking at the alternative game engines. To help users in this process we have started the _____ Game Engine for Unity developers series starting with the Godot Game Engine, followed by the Defold Game Engine. …

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Unity Developers United GameDev are fighting back against Unitys Pricing change and Runtime Fee

Unity Developers Fight Back

The fallout to Unity’s recently announced price changes, including the new Unity Runtime Fee, keeps getting worse. While Unity have been mostly radio silent since the announcement, Unity developers certainly haven’t been. Now, they are fighting back in the only way they can, by hitting Unity in the pocket book. …

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