Epic Games announce massive layoffs and divestiture of Bandcamp and Super Awesome

Massive Layoffs At Epic Games

In another blow to the game development industry, Epic Games have just announced massive layoffs across the company. Part of the layoffs include divesting of two recently purchased companies, Bandcamp and Super Awesome. The layoffs will impact about 16% of the Epic workforce with about 830 employees impacted. The following …

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Unity Game Engine Alternatives in 2023

Unity Alternatives in 2023

With the recent pricing changes at Unity which have not been well received several developers are now actively searching for Unity game engine alternatives. The following is a quick rundown of suggestions, source code availability, 2D or 3D functionality and a link to learn more about that engine. As you …

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Unreal Engine 5.3 Released UE 5.3

Unreal Engine 5.3 Released

Epic Games have just released Unreal Engine 5.3. The popular Unreal game engine gets several new improvements with the 5.3 release including incremential improvements to the engine’s rendering and lighting capabilities, improvements to the build process and new experimental features including a skeletal animation feature and new support for VDB …

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