Wicked Engine Adds Vulkan and Direct3D 12 Support

Wicked Engine Gets DX12 And Vulkan Raytracing Support

The open source cross platform C++ powered game engine Wicked Engine, just got raytracing and path tracing support for both DX12 and Vulkan renderers.  Available as both a low level framework for building your own game engine, or as a fully capable engine on it’s own, Wicked Engine boosts the following features:DirectX 11, DirectX 12 […]

NVidia New Services Announced At GDC 2020

NVIDIA Release RTXGI and DLSS 2.0 SDKs

In addition to the recently released NVIDIA Texture Tool, NVIDIA have released a pair of SDKs of interest to game developers.  The first is RTXGI, a global illumination solution for DXR compatible hardware, the second is DLSS 2.0 or Deep Learning Super Sampling.Details about RTXGI:Full Source Code. We are providing full source code so you […]

Vulkan Raytracing

Vulkan Raytracing Launched

Today at not-GDC, Khronos Group announced the release of Vulkan Ray Tracing, with initial support via beta drivers to NVidia cards.Details from the Vulkan announcement:Vulkan Ray Tracing consists of a number of Vulkan, SPIR-V, and GLSL extensions, some of which are optional. The primary VK_KHR_ray_tracing extension provides support for acceleration structure building and management, ray […]

Godot 4.0/Vulkan Renderer Update

Over on the Godot website and update on the status of the Vulkan renderer that is the marquee feature of Godot 4.0.  Vulkan is the Khronos Group’s new low level rendering alternative to OpenGL, that enables developers to get much closer to the metal than previous graphics APIs.  Development of the new Vulkan renderer was […]

OpenGL Alternatives Banner

Cross Platform OpenGL Alternatives

With Apple’s recent unfortunate decision to deprecate OpenGL support in iOS and Mac OS moving forward this will be the end to the only graphics API that worked natively across all platforms.  I think many developers would be willing to ignore the Mac OS market, but the iOS market is just too big for most […]

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