Terathon Container & Math C++ Libraries Open Sourced

The Terathon Container and Math C++ libraries used on the C4Engine have just been open sourced. Originally it was announced a few days ago on Twitter by author Eric Lengyel however the Terathon Container Library was originally released under the GPL v3 license, which rendered the code unusable to the vast majority of developers. Thankfully since that initial release, the following tweet was made:

This makes all of these open source projects so much easier to integrate into existing or future projects as the MIT license is much more permissive than the GPL license.

The Terathon Container Library contains the following common data types:

  • Array – A growable array.
  • List – A linked list.
  • Map – A key-value map.
  • HashTable – A hash table.
  • Tree – A tree structure.
  • Graph – A general graph structure.

Key Links

Terathon Container License on GitHub


Terathon Math Library on GitHub

You can learn more about the open sourcing of the Terathon Container Library and the change of license of the Terathon Math Library in the video below.

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