TerraForge3D Procedural Terrain Procedural Modelling Tool

TerraForge3D is an open source actively developed procedural 3D modelling tool for creating terrain and other 3d objects. They just released a fairly major update adding Linux support, a new PBR based renderer and more. You can create 3D terrain using CPU or GPU based generator or create your own using the node based tools.

Details of the update:

Shader Node Editor

A blender like node editor for shaders.

Texture Baker

A new and advanced way for baking and exporting Textures.

Added Linux Support

Now TerraForge3D is supported natively on linux.
 Linux Version is in Alpha

PBR Renderer

Now TerraForge3D has a Physically Based Renderer for high quality preview

New Modules API

Now you can extend TerraForge3D however you want and write custom plugins using the powerful TerraForge3D SDK.

Refactored Codebase

Not a big thing from users point of view but for anyone wanting to develop TerraForge3D its a huge deal. The codebase has been massively cleaned up.

Key Links

TerraForge3D Home Page

GitHub Page

Release Notes

You can learn more about TerraForge 3D and see in it action in the video below.

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