TerraWorld Pro For Unity

TerraWorld Pro is a add-on for the Unity game engine, currently featured in the MegaBundle Sale (more details here). This powerful Unity extension enabled you to create terrain from real world sources, including government GIS databases and Open Street Maps. Features include:

• Detailed worlds using real-world elevation, satellite imagery & landcover data
• Natural Erosion & Terrace filters
• Outputs slope, flow, aspect & normal masks
• Advanced splatmapping & texturing
• Outputs water, trees, grass… regions from online landcover data
• Day Night cycle with auto dynamic lighting throughout the entire scene
• Advanced Clouds Rendering with semi-volumetric representation
• Volumetric Atmospheric Scattering
• Volumetric Global Fog
• Volumetric Horizon Fog
• Global Procedural Snow
• Wind Simulation
• Water Shader with auto flowmapping
• Compatible with Unity’s Post Processing
• Automatic Lake, River, Ocean & Sea generation
• TerraMesh: mesh from terrain based on defined slope/height range
• Automatic Cache system to work in offline and faster iterative world generation
• No sign-up needed in external websites or sources

You can learn more about TerraWorld Pro for Unity on the store page here ( do not buy from here though! It is only discounted in the MegaBundle). You can check out TerraWorld Pro for Unity in action in the video below. You have until the end of May 2021 to pick this add-on up in the bundle on discount.

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