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The Armory game engine is an interesting open source project built on top of the Blender graphics application.  If you are interested in learning more about the Armory game engine, be sure to check out our complete tutorial series over on  Details on Armory have been scarce since 0.5 was released due to a lack of release details.  The developer recently released an update with a bit of a roadmap of future Armory development.

Details of Armory 2020 from GitHub:

Welcome! With 2020 already in full swing, I would like to outline some plans for Armory architecture in the upcoming year.

  • Move rendering to Graphics5. G5 is a newer API being developed in Kinc, leveraging modern graphics APIs like D3D12 / Vulkan / ..
  • As a result, support for D3D12, Vulkan, Metal and WebGPU will be priority. Once running smoothly, older graphics APIs will be dropped.
  • Implement ray-tracing for dynamic scenes. Right now Armory already has DXR support, but only handles static scenes. The goal is to have tanks demo running on a ray-tracing render path.
  • Move low-level parts of Armory (like iron) to C. This is to better take advantage of multi-threading coupled with Graphics5 API. As a result, Armory will not be dependant on Kha (Haxe), but will interface directly with Kinc (C). An extended version of Krom which exposes Armory-specific functionality from C to Haxe/JS will be developed to accomplish this.
  • Armory traits will be written in Haxe/JS like usual, or anything which compiles into WebAssembly.
  • For web deployment, WebAssembly and WebGPU will be used.

Feel welcome to bring up any of these points for a discussion. If you have additional ideas which may improve the project further, please bring those up as well. The goal is to keep Armory viable long-term with a modern base ready for upcoming years.

My biggest thanks to everyone who already contributed to the project in any form over the years!

You can learn more about this release and recent Armory history in the video below.  You can learn more about Kha in this video and check out our recently created video on ArmorPaint, a PBR based painting application built on the Armory engine.

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