The Future of Blender in 2023

Yesterday the Blender foundation released an article outlining the development priorities of Blender in 2023. These are all projects that are either finishing or under active development in 2023 and represent the major priorities of the development team. The fact something isn’t mentioned, such as sculpting or uv mapping, does not indicate that there will not be improvements in that area.

Highlighted new features for Blender in 2023 include:

  • Vulkan and Metal GPU Back-Ends (Metal is available in 3.5 alpha already)
  • Real-Time Viewport Compositing
  • Brush Assets (new UI for creating and sharing brushes for painting and sculpting)
  • Blender Apps (we covered earlier in this video)
  • Extensions Platform (a new web community for sharing free Blender resources)
  • EEVEE NEXT (the next generation of the real-time renderer)
  • Simulation Nodes
  • Development repository moved to Gitea
  • Character Animation (read more here)

You can read the entire article here or you can learn more, including seeing the performance impact of the new Metal GPU renderer in action in the video below.

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