The Game Creators Bundle on Fanatical

There is a new bundle on Fanatical, the Game Creators Bundle. This is a collection of game engines from The Game Creators as well as several DLC gamedev asset packs and a few games. All of the assets in this bundle are redeemable on Steam using product keys. The bundle is organized into 3 different tiers, buying a higher dollar value tier gets you all of the assets from the tiers below.

1$ Tier

  • Fungoids (game)
  • GameGuru — Game Engine — (Learn More)
  • GameGuru – Buildings Pack DLC
  • GameGuru – Mega Pack 1 DLC
  • GameGuru – Mega Pack 2 DLC
  • GameGuru – Mega Pack 3 DLC

5$ Tier

  • AppGameKit – Giant Asset Pack 1 DLC
  • AppGameKit – Giant Asset Pack 2 DLC
  • AppGameKit Classic — Game Engine — (Learn More)
  • GameGuru – Construction Site Pack
  • GameGuru – Sci-Fi Mission to Mars Pack
  • Solar Wind (game)
  • The Eye of Borrack (game)

15$ Tier

  • AppGameKit Studio — Game Engine — (Learn More)
  • AppGameKit Studio – MEGA Media Pack
  • GameGuru – Antiques in the Attic
  • GameGuru – Fantasy Pack
  • GameGuru – Military Pack
  • Solstice (game)
  • Stranded 2 (game)

If you decided to purchase the bundle using our link we receive a small commission (and thank you). You can learn more about the Game Creators game engine bundle on Fanatical in the video below.

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