The Machinery Adds Linux and Raytracing Support

The Machinery game engine, from Our Machinery, just released a new public beta adding Linux and early ray-tracing support. The Machinery is an in development game engine from the creators of the BitSquid and Stingray game engines. The Machinery is a very light weight modular game engine with a simple C based API. We most recently looked at The Machinery in late 2020 when it entered public beta.

Details of the 2021.1 release:

  • Linux Support (Preview) — The Machinery now runs on Linux.
  • Bindless GPU Resource Management — Better performance in Vulkan backend.
  • Raytracing Support (Preview) — Preview of our raytracing APIs.
  • Asset Labels — Tag assets for better organization.

As always, we also have a number of smaller updates.

The Machinery is available for download here. You can learn more about The Machinery and see it in action in the video below. Be sure to update your GPU drivers, as the newest version of Vulkan drivers are required to run this release.

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