The Machinery Game Engine Now Early Access

The Machinery, a game engine by Our Machinery, has just left beta and is now available in early access. What exactly does this mean? You can now license the engine for commercial use and we have detailed pricing details, which includes a 50% discount for early adopters.

The pricing of The Machinery is as follows:

The Machinery Early Access Engine pricing

Essentially the two Indie versions are available for studios making > $100K income, with the largest difference between the free and pro tier being source code access. If you make more money you are required to move up to the Business tier and if you require special support, the Enterprise tier is negotiable.

The Machinery is a unique engine in the game engine space, as essentially its a framework for you to build your own game engine. It provides the basics needed to make a modern game engine, asset handling, multiple renderers as well as interesting features such as multi user collaboration. This is all implemented in a modular way and you as an end user can extend the game engine using light weight C based plugins.

Essentially they are providing the lego bricks and instructions for making your own game engine and leave the rest up to you. The team behind Our Machinery (the company that makes The Machinery) were previously involved in the Stingray/BitSquid engine that was used to make titles such as Magicka and Warhammer Vermintide games. You can learn more about this unique game engine are early access pricing in the video below.

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