The Mirror – Godot Powered Commercial Game Engine

The Mirror is a new game engine built on top of the open source Godot Engine project. Aiming to be a Roblox of sorts, and a marketplace for game developers to sell their creations, The Mirror has received $2.3M in financing and already has a team of over 20 working on it.

From the VentureBeat article:

The Mirror wants to simplify the game development process for indie studios and individual creators. The platform will arm developers of all skill levels — from no-code to advanced — with easy-to-use tools to solve common problems. Some of the Mirror’s ready-to-use features include multiplayer networking, real-time collaboration, a physics sandbox, and support for community-based user-generated content.

To further support the move to Web3, the Mirror’s marketplace enables creators to monetize their work. Sales of their 3D models, textures, scripts, and more will net creators a percentage of sales, though The Mirror is still finalizing their pricing model. In a statement to GamesBeat, The Mirror’s founder, CEO and CTO, Jared McCluskey said: “We are passionate about empowering creators and strongly believe in fairly compensating them for their hard work and dedication to the craft of game development.”

From the investor perspective of Konvoy Ventures:

“When we heard [McCluskey]’s pitch for building a virtual world platform on top of Godot, we were incredibly excited to invest in The Mirror to see them pursue a multi-billion dollar opportunity that could be leveraged by hundreds of millions of gamers and creators,” confirmed Josh Chapman, managing partner at Konvoy Ventures, in a press release. “We believe the Godot engine is one of the most underrated projects in the gaming industry.”

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You can learn more about the Godot Engine powered The Mirror game engine in the video below.

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