Tiled 0.18.0 Released


On their way to a 1.0 released, Tiled, an open source map editor, just released version 0.18.0.   In addition to several fixes and updated translations, there are a few convenience features that are sure to make people happy.  You can now create a new layer via cut and paste as well as performingtiled paste in place actions.  There is also a new menu enabling you to change between compatible custom property types ( for example converting a string to an int or vice versa ).  They also updated the UI to make dealing with custom Z ordering easier.  If you are interested in learning Tiled, we have a complete tutorial series available here.  Full details of this release are available in the change log below.


Change log

Many smaller changes have been made as well. Here’s the full list:

  • Added Layer via Copy/Cut actions
  • Added support for Paste in Place action for tile layers
  • Added context menu to change custom property type (by Dmitry Hrabrov)
  • Added support for higher precision for custom floating point properties
  • Added %mappath variable to commands (by Jack Roper)
  • Added snapping to pixels (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
  • Added right-click to clear the tile selection
  • Added a context menu action to reset the size of tile objects
  • Added exporter for Game Maker Studio room files (by Jones Blunt)
  • Added Move Up/Down buttons to Objects view (by iskolbin)
  • Added pixel coordinates to status bar for object tools (by iskolbin)
  • Added Sticker Knight platformer example (by Ponywolf)
  • tmxrasterizer: Added –size argument and support local file URLs
  • tmxrasterizer: Use smooth pixmap transform by default
  • Linux: Register tmxrasterizer as thumbnail generator for TMX files
  • Allow scrolling past map edges with mouse wheel
  • Enabled HiDpi scaling and improved the quality of some icons
  • Reversed the order of the objects in the Objects view
  • JSON plugin: Added Node.js support to the JavaScript export
  • Updated TMX schema definition (by assofohdz)
  • Fixed unfinished objects getting saved
  • Fixed OpenGL rendering mode when application is scaled (HiDpi screens)
  • Fixed Remove and Rename actions for predefined properties
  • Windows: Fixed console output
  • libtiled-java: Use Maven, deploy to OSSRH and code updates (by Mike Thomas)
  • libtiled-java: Added a basic isometric renderer (by Mike Thomas)
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Hebrew, Norwegian Bokmål and Spanish translations


For complete details on this release check here.  To download Tiled head over here.

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