Tiled 1.1 Released

Tiled is a popular open source map editor supported by almost every single 2D game engine available these days.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled, be sure totiled check out our Tiled Tutorial series.  The 1.1 release is absolutely packed with new features inluding infinite sized map support, Wang tile support, context sensitive tool bars and object template support.

Details from the change log:

  • Added support for infinite maps (by Ketan Gupta, #260)
  • Added support for Wang tiles and related tools (by Benjamin Trotter)
  • Added support for reusable object templates (by Mohamed Thabet)
  • Added working directory setting for custom commands (by Ketan Gupta, #1580)
  • Added output of custom commands in Debug Console (by Ketan Gupta, #1552)
  • Added autocrop action based on tile layers (by Ketan Gupta, #642)
  • Added tool bar with tool-specific actions and settings (by Ketan Gupta, #1084)
  • Added shape fill tool for filling rectangles or circles (by Benjamin Trotter, #1272)
  • Added option to lock/unlock a layer (by Ketan Gupta, #734)
  • Added .xml as possible file extension for TMX files
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Save All (by Thomas ten Cate)
  • Added actions to remove a segment from polygon or to split a polyline (by Ketan Gupta, #1685)
  • Added icon for animation editor in the tileset editor (by Ketan Gupta, #1706)
  • Added display of flip bits for hovered tile in status bar (#1707)
  • Added ability to capture tiles while using fill tools (#790)
  • Added option to have mouse wheel zoom by default (#1472)
  • Added tab closing actions to context menu, and close by middle-click (by Justin Jacobs, #1720)
  • Added ability to reorder terrain types (by Justin Jacobs, #1603)
  • Added a point object for marking locations (by Antoine Gersant, #1325)
  • Added ‘New Tileset’ button when no tileset is opened (by Rhenaud Dubois, #1789)
  • Added ‘Open File’ button when no file opened (by Rhenaud Dubois, #1818)
  • Added support for custom input formats and TMX output to the –export-map command-line option
  • Added island RPG example based on Beach tileset by finalbossblues
  • Added file-related context menu actions to tileset tabs
  • Added action to reset to default window layout (by Keshav Sharma, #1794)
  • Added support for exporting tilesets, including to Lua format (by Conrad Mercer, #1213)
  • Keep object types sorted alphabetically (by Antoine Gersant, #1679)
  • Improved polygon node handles and drag behavior
  • Fixed %executablepath variable for executables found in PATH (#1648)
  • Fixed Delete key to delete selected polygon nodes when appropriate (by Ketan Gupta, #1555)
  • Fixed Terrain Brush going wild in some scenarios (#1632)
  • Fixed the “Embed in Map” checkbox to be persistent (#1664)
  • Fixed crash when saving two new maps using the same file name (#1734)
  • Fixed issues caused by paths not being cleaned (#1713)
  • Fixed suggested file name for tilesets to match the tileset name (by killerasus, #1783)
  • Fixed selection rectangle’s shadow offset when zooming (by Antoine Gersant, #1796)
  • Fixed save dialog to reopen after heeding the file extension warning (by Antoine Gersant, #1782)
  • Fixed potential crash when zooming out too much (#1824)
  • Fixed potential crash after deleting object or group layers
  • Fixed Object Selection tool clearing selection on double-click
  • Enabled building with Qbs on macOS, including the Python plugin (by Jake Petroules)
  • Automapping: Don’t fail if an input/inputnot layer isn’t found
  • Automapping: Added a “StrictEmpty” flag to input layers
  • GMX plugin: Added support for defining views with objects (by William Taylor, #1621)
  • GMX plugin: Added support for setting scale and origin for instances (#1427)
  • GMX plugin: Added support for setting the creation code for instances and the map
  • GMX plugin: Start counting default tile layer depth from 1000000 (#1814)
  • tBIN plugin: Added read/write support for the tBIN map format (by Chase Warrington, #1560)
  • libtiled-java: Generate classes from XSD, some fixes and build with Maven (by Mike Thomas, #1637)
  • libtiled-java: Added support for manipulating non-consecutive tile IDs in a tileset (by Stéphane Seng)
  • Python plugin: Adjusted example scripts to API changes (by spiiin, #1769)
  • Flare plugin: Various changes (by Justin Jacobs, #1781)
  • TMW plugin: Removed since it is no longer needed
  • Updated Dutch, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish and Turkish translations

You can read more about this release and the new features here.  Tiled is available for download here while the source code is available here.

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