Top 10 Game Engines on GitHub

This is a look at the top 10 game development engines or frameworks on GitHub in 2022. This is a look at the highest rated (most starred) projects in the game engine category of open source game engines, not including game engine modernizations like OpenDiablo2, or game libraries such as EnTT or Matter.js.

Without further ado, the list:

  1. Godot Engine – GitHub LinkWebsite
  2. Bevy Engine – GitHub LinkWebsite
  3. BabylonJS- GitHub LinkWebsite
  4. Cocos2d-x- GitHub LinkWebsite
  5. AFrame- GitHub LinkWebsite
  6. RayLib- GitHub LinkWebsite
  7. Pyxel- GitHub Link – No Website Available
  8. MonoGame – GitHub LinkWebsite
  9. Minetest- GitHub LinkWebsite
  10. PlayCanvas Engine- GitHub LinkWebsite

The raw source of this list is available here. Do keep in mind this is just a list of engines by popularity on GitHub and by no means indicates the “best” engines, as that rating is highly subjective and situationally dependent. You can learn more about all the engines and frameworks on this list and see a few honourable mentions in the video below.

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