Toronto Game Developers Unite! We now have our own reddit /r/TorontoGameDev.


As the title says, us Toronto based game developers now have our own nascent  reddit.  Granted, it’s a lonely place right now, but all things start somewhere!





If you happen to be a game developer in Toronto ( or surrounding area ), come on over and join us!


For those of you that aren’t from Toronto, Toronto is quietly becoming a game dev hub, even though Vancouver and Montreal get all the glory here in Canada.  There are some large studios with offices in or near Toronto including Ubisoft ( Splinter Cell ), Rockstar ( Max Payne 3 ) and Digital Extremes ( Unreal, The Darkness 2, Warframe )just down the road at London ( … the place I was born! ).  It’s on the indie side that Toronto truly shines.  Chart toping titles like Sword and Sworcery, Mutant Blob Attacks ( and more recently from the same studio, Guacamelee ) and They Bleed Pixels, among many others were all created in Toronto. 


On top of that, Toronto has long been a hub for tool creation.  Alias, one half the Alias-Wavefront, were formed in Toronto.  In many ways the 3D graphics industry exists because of these two companies.  Ultimately Alias created Maya, which is now owned by Autodesk ( along with the rest of the 3D industry it seems ).  Side Effects Software is also based out of Toronto, the makers of Houdini…  granted, it’s used more in movies than games, but it was used in games such as Uncharted 3 and SSX. 


Toronto is also home to ToJam as well as the HandEyeSociety.


All told its a pretty swell place to be a game developer… well, except of course for the impending real estate crash that is… So, if you are in Toronto check out /r/TorontoGameDev, hopefully we can turn it into a thriving community.  At least pop in and say hi!

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