Torque 3D version 3.7 released

Torque 3D is a now open source engine with a long and storied history. Today they just released version 3.7. Hands down the biggest new feature is the release or an OpenGL renderer, making a Linux beta client available, with other platforms down the road.


Other highlights of this release include:

  • We finally updated to PhysX 3. And Bullet 2.8!
  • We’ve integrated two former commercial addons, both of which were open-sourced: Sahara and Walkabout. The former allows you to easily add snow, dust, moss and similar effects to your environments using a technique the author calls ‘material accumulation’, and the latter provides an editor/tweaker on top of recast/detour autogenerated navmeshes, as well as integration with the exiting AIPlayer class.
  • We’ve had community contributions that add ribbon trails you can attach to almost anything, and a nice vignette PostFX shader.
  • Performance improvements to the scripting engine, as well as anonymous functions.
  • So many bugfixes.


Full release notes are available here.


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