Chapter One – 3D Basics

  Chapter One covers a trip down the pipeline, starting off with a set of terms you should know, followed by some basic modeling, then we take that model into Unity.  Lots of this chapter is aimed at the very beginner, so if you are knowledgeable on a covered topic, feel free to skip ahead. […]

Graphic Applications

  Autodesk 3ds Max The program most often used for creating game graphics, 3DS is probably the gold standard of 3D applications.  In recent years Autodesk has been snapping up all the competition and slowly they are becoming very similar.  Package does just about everything you could imagine, as well as having perhaps one of […]

List of Programs Used

  The following is a list of programs used in the creation of GameFromScratch, both the game, the tutorials and the website.  I will be updating this page constantly.           Game Engine             Unity3D   Hands down the biggest software decision I had to make regarding […]

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