Game From Scratch C++ Edition The Introduction

  I have decided to take a quick detour from my primary game development, to illustrate how to create a more simplistic 2D game using C++. I am going to cover it over a number of posts, each building on the last and if you follow along, hopefully at the end you will be well […]

Game from Scratch C++ Edition Part 2

    Alright, code time! In this part we are going to setup the general framework for our application. Pang! is going to be state driven, which means at any given time the game is in exactly one state. It is by changing states that we control program flow. It also makes certain tasks like […]

Game From Scratch C++ Edition Part 1

  This part is sadly rather dull, there will be absolutely no coding but it is a necessary evil. In this part we are going to configure your development environment to work with SFML. If you already know all about how to set Visual Studio up, or are working in a different IDE, feel free […]

Chapter 1c Edge loops

  This topic is important enough to get it’s own section, although reality is it is pretty straight forward.   When modeling, it is often advantageous to work with edge loops, which are simply stated a set of connected edges across a surface. Generally the first edge connects to the last edge, thus forming a […]

Chapter 1b Modeling Operations

  Now that we covered the basic building blocks of 3D modeling, lets look at what we can do with them.  At it’s core, 3D modeling is pretty straight forward and is built around a few core operations.  Although the names may change from application to application, the following instruction should be applicable to any […]

Chapter 1a The Building Blocks of 3D

  This section covers the basic building blocks and common terminology in the 3D world, although they way they are used changes from program to program, all of these constructs or terms are encountered in just about every 3D application you may pick.  Speaking of which, now might be a good time to select which […]

Cocos2D book round-up

Cocos2D for iPhone 0.99 Beginner’s Guide Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook Learn cocos2d Game Development with iOS 5 Learn iPhone and iPad cocos2d Game Development Learning Cocos2D: A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Games with Cocos2D, Box2D and Chipmunk iPhone Cool Projects (**) Pro iOS 5 Augmented Reality (**) cocos2d-x手机游戏开发:跨iOS、Android和沃Phone平台(*)   (*) cocos2d-x […]

Chapter One – 3D Basics

  Chapter One covers a trip down the pipeline, starting off with a set of terms you should know, followed by some basic modeling, then we take that model into Unity.  Lots of this chapter is aimed at the very beginner, so if you are knowledgeable on a covered topic, feel free to skip ahead. […]

Graphic Applications

  Autodesk 3ds Max The program most often used for creating game graphics, 3DS is probably the gold standard of 3D applications.  In recent years Autodesk has been snapping up all the competition and slowly they are becoming very similar.  Package does just about everything you could imagine, as well as having perhaps one of […]

List of Programs Used

  The following is a list of programs used in the creation of GameFromScratch, both the game, the tutorials and the website.  I will be updating this page constantly.           Game Engine             Unity3D   Hands down the biggest software decision I had to make regarding […]

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