Using Godot with the C++ Programming Language Tutorial

Godot With C++

A common question I receive is, can I use C++ with the Godot game engine.  If you are looking to do live game scripting like in Unreal Engine, the short answer is no, you cannot do that with Godot.  You can however develop in Godot using C++ in three different ways.Native DevelopmentThe first option is […]

Using Rider With Godot

Rider For Godot

Yesterday we talked about Rider for Unreal Engine, but did you also know that Rider can be used to develop Godot games as well?There are a few things you are going to need to get started.  First off obviously is JetBrain’s Rider, which is available with in a 30 day free trial.  However if you […]

Rider and Unreal Engine

Rider For Unreal Engine

Rider is a .NET IDE by JetBrains, currently heavily focused on Unity game developers.  Recently JetBrains launched a early preview of Rider For Unreal Engine.  Wait a minute you might say… isn’t Rider for C#, while CLion is their C++ IDE, and isn’t C++ the primary language for Unreal Engine developers.  Why yes, you are […]

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot 3 Tutorial– Exporting Your Game

This video covers building your Godot game for export.  We will look at how to install and configure export templates, then show how to export to Windows EXE as well as create a Web Assembly based webpage.The VideoCode SamplesNot ApplicableBack to Tutorial Series Homepage

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot 3 Tutorial– Visual Shaders

This video covers creating shaders using the Visual Shader programming language.  While the code isn’t easily available due to the visual nature, there are screen shots of the Fragment and Vertex shader we create in the video.The VideoCode SamplesFragment Shader:Vertex Shader:Back to Tutorial Series Homepage

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot Tutorial Series — Shaders and Materials

In this video we start off learning how to create SpatialMaterials and apply texture maps to create modern PBR based materials.  We then move on and learn how to create shaders in Godot, both vertex and fragment shaders are covered.The VideoCode SamplesFragment example:shader_type canvas_item;void fragment() {vec4 color = texture(TEXTURE,UV);color.r += 0.5;COLOR = color;}Vertex example:uniform float […]

Godot 3 Tutorial Series

Godot Tutorial Series–Introduction To 3D

In this video we finally move into the 3rd dimension.  We will learn how to create 3D objects with a material, how to navigate in 3D in Godot, create a camera, light and configure an environment.  There are no code samples in this tutorial.The VideoCode SamplesNot Applicable to this tutorialBack to Tutorial Series Homepage

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