Two New Godot 4 Sample Scenes

In a follow-up to our earlier Four Godot 4 Graphic Demo Scenes from back in March, we now have an additional two new Godot 4 sample scenes.

The first new scene is the Desert Light example, described as:

A graphics demo for Godot 4 – Focus is Volumetric Fog and Indirect Illumination. This is a short demo and test for the Global Illumination (SDFGI), Indirect Lighting (SSIL) and Volumetric Fog.

Interestingly, it seems to use VoxelGI instead of SDFGI. The code is licensed under the MIT open source license.

The second new scene is the Godot 4 Overgrown Subway, features of this demo include:

  1. Uses LightMapGI and ReflectionProbes.
  2. Uses Volumetric Fog
  3. Buttons and sliders in game menu for enabling SSIL, SSAO, Glow. Also has input sensitivity controls and volume controls.
  4. Uses Decal nodes introduced with Godot 4.
  5. Uses AudioStreamPlayer3D nodes for sound effects.
  6. Uses Blend File workflow, Blend files included.

This project is also released under the MIT open source license and uses baked lightmaps.

In addition to these two demoes, the Godot Open RPG project from GDQuest as now been ported to work with Godot 4.

You can learn more about both new Godot 4 sample rendering scenes in the video below.

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