TypeScript 2.1 Released


Microsoft have just released a new version of TypeScript.  TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that ultimately compiles down to JavaScript.  It adds several features to the JavaScript language, acting as a bridge of sorts until the new version of ECMAScript is released.  The most important feature is the type system, thus the name TypeScript.  TypeScript aims to solve several of the problems JavaScriptimage developers face as their code becomes more complex.  If you want to see TypeScript in action in game development, I used it for our Phaser tutorial series.


So, what new features does TypeScript 2.1 bring to the table?

  • downlevel async functions
  • object rest & spread
  • keyof and Lookup types
  • mapped types
  • Partial, Readonly, Record and Pick types
  • easier imports


Of course many of those additions probably make very little sense without a bit of description.  Thankfully the Microsoft blog thoroughly documents all of these new features.

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