Ubisoft Launch Game Creators Odyssey

Ubisoft, in partnership with Concordia University in Montreal and e-learning company Knowledge One, have launched Game Creators Odyssey.  It’s an online curriculum for schools to teach game development and design using best practices learned at Ubisoft.  The course is wrapped up in a game, that progresses as the student completes the course.

Details from the Concordia University press release:

Ubisoft and Concordia, through its online training provider KnowledgeOne, are partnering to offer the video game company’s expertise to university campuses around the world.

Designed as a video game, Game Creators’ Odyssey is an online course that takes students through the development process of video games. The course is based on Ubisoft’s know-how as one of the leaders of the gaming industry.

It offers a hands-on approach to game design that allows students to learn from a game developer’s perspective.

“At Concordia, we are always looking at ways to expand and improve learning,” says Concordia Interim President Graham Carr.

“Game Creators’ Odyssey is a great illustration of the innovation and creativity both Ubisoft and Concordia are known for.”

Some small details about the “game” aspect of GCO are also described:

Game Creators’ Odyssey takes students through the story of Nagato, a shinobi warrior-ninja in feudal Japan who’s on a quest to discover his true calling and craft his legacy.

The hero’s story evolves with the students’ own learning journey. Just like Nagato, students practice their skills and challenge their knowledge. They earn experience points allowing them to unlock further content and level-up in the leaderboard.

The course is available in both English and French and is ultimately being targeted at educational institutions.  You can learn more about Game Creator’s Odyssey at the website available here or learn more by watching the video below.

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