UE Viewer – An Unreal Engine Asset Swiss Army Knife

Today we are checking out UE Viewer, a long running, but recently updated tool for exporting Unreal Engine assets that are stored in uasset format. One such example is exporting the contents from the Unreal Engine versions of the Synty POLYGON bundles, as the default FBX versions are ASCII encoded and don’t play well with Blender. This is when I discovered UE Viewer, a uasset file format viewer and conversion tool that is free and available for Windows and Linux (and Mac OS for command line only versions).

Features of UE Viewer:

  • Loading packages from more than 300 games based on all Unreal engine generations
  • Visualization of skeletal meshes with animations
  • Visualization of internal skeletal mesh information like skeleton hierarchy and binding vertices to the skeleton bones
  • Visualizarion of vertex meshes
  • Visualization of static meshes
  • Viewing supported material types and their internal structure
  • Export of skeletal, vertex and static meshes and animations into formats supported by 3d modeling software and by Unreal engine
  • Export textures into tga or dds format
  • Export sounds, ScaleForm and FaceFX

UE Viewer is an open source project under the MIT open source license and hosted on GitHub. You can export from UE Viewer in both GLTF and PSKX file format, which ironically was just updated today!

Key Links

If you are interested in alternative ways to export Unreal Engine content to either work in another game engine or perhaps a content tool such as Blender, you can check out our tutorial available here as well as our hands-on demonstration of exporting from Unreal in USD format using NVIDIA OMNIVERSE.

You can see UE Viewer in action exporting a Unreal Engine encoded asset from the Synty POLYGON bundle to GLTF and ultimate textured in Blender in the video below.

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