Ultra App Kit Released

Ultra App Kit was just released by the creator of the Leadwerks game engine. Ultra App Kit is a C++ based SDK for creating GUI applications for high performance game development tools. Similar in scope to Dear ImGui, the major difference is that UAK is a retained mode framework. This means you write your code in a style more similar to traditional UI frameworks like WPF, Qt and WinForms instead of redrawing your UI every frame.

Features of Ultra App Kit include:

Supported Widgets

  • Label
  • Button (push, checkbox, radio, and toggle styles)
  • ProgressBar
  • TextField
  • TextArea
  • ComboBox
  • ListBox
  • Slider (scrollbar, trackbar, and stepper styles)
  • Draggable multi-select TreeView
  • Create your own!

API Design

  • C++ shared pointers everywhere
  • Extensible widgets system
  • Extensive documentation with examples for each command

UI Features

  • Resolution independent for any DPI (16K+)
  • Load SVG vector images
  • Filter and sort widget items by name
  • Set widget and item image
  • Change mouse cursor
  • Custom color schemes stored in JSON files

Other Features

  • File I/O
  • File system watcher
  • Memory allocation and management
  • Image loading, saving, processing
  • Package system for loading files from compressed / encrypted archives
  • Plugin system
  • Thread management
  • String manipulation (split, search, conversion, etc.)
  • Message boxes and file / folder requester

UAK is commercial software available for $20USD with a key that can be activated on Steam. You can learn more about this unique high performance C++ UI framework in the video below. Using the above store link pays GFS a small commission if used (and thanks if you do!)

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