Unigine Engine 2.15 Released

Coming 9 months after the previous release, Unigine 2.15 was released today. The biggest new feature is the new Visual Material Graph Editor, a drag and drop tool for visually composing textures. Unigine now offers a community version which is free for developers making less than $100K USD a year.

Details of the Unigine 2.15 release:

  • Node-based material graphs with visual editor.
  • New water system with individual control over each wave.
  • Advanced data compression for Landscape Terrain.
  • Sandworm tool upgrade: online GIS sources, distributed generation.
  • Extended Mixed Reality support for Varjo XR-3 headset.
  • Editor plugins system.
  • UnigineEditor: updated Brush tools, new Asset Browser, and other improvements.
  • Improved IG high-level weather system.
  • Mars demo 1000×1000 km in size.

Key Links

Unigine 2.15 Release Overview

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Download Link

You can learn more about the Unigine 2.15 release in the video below.

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