Unity 2017.2 Released

Version 2017.2 of the Unity game engine was released today.  2D game tools received a lot of love in this release with new tiled based worldUnity building tools.  Unity also teamed up with Autodesk to improve FBX format support from 3DS Max and Maya.  VR platforms also got some love with ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia and Windows Mixed Reality support all added.

Further details from the Unity blog:

  • tilemap support for grid based 2D titles
  • Cinemachine support in 2D
  • sprite packing speed improvements and cleaner box collider
  • timeline visualization of audio clips
  • interactive tutorials ( previously discussed here )
  • NavMesh visualization
  • improved FBX importer/exporter directly using Autodesk’s FBX SDK
  • support for embedded materials in FBX files
  • exporting of animated custom properties from DCCs
  • importing support for Stingray PBS shaders
  • new AssetBundle API
  • support for XR platform Vuforia
  • support for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform
  • OpenVR support on MacOS
  • Google ARCore support ( via plugin )
  • Apple ARKit support ( via plugin )
  • Stereo Instancing ( single pass instanced rendering )
  • Editor simulation of Vive headsets
  • low level rendering support for the Nintendo Switch
  • Retina support for the MacOS player
  • GI profiler ( Global Illumination )
  • improved Progressive Lightmapper
  • linear rendering in WebGL ( details here )
  • particle system improvements
  • remoting settings, remotely change game settings without creating a new binary

You can read complete details in the release notes.

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