Unity 2017.3 Released

The next major release of the Unity game engine is here, 2017.3.  New features of this release include 360 degree videoUnity20173 skybox support, new code organization functionally via assembly definition, transform gizmo improvements, XBox One X support, many graphics improvements and more.

New features in this release include:

  • 360 video
  • Cloth improvements
  • Cinemachine Improvements
  • New Transform Tool
  • Particle System improvements
  • Standard Particle Shaders
  • Assembly Definition Files
  • 32 bit Mesh Index Buffers
  • GPU Instancing improvements
  • Dynamic Resolution
  • Async Compute Runtime
  • Crunch Compression Library Update
  • Xbox One X Support
  • Recorder
  • Standard Events
  • Progressive Lightmapper improvements (Preview)

You can learn more about the release here, view the full release notes here and Unity can be downloaded here.

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