Unity 2018.2 Beta Released

Hot on the heels of the Unity 2018.1 release, the next beta Unity 2018.2 has just been made available.  There are several new features in this release, a lot building on the new functionality in 2018.1 that is still in preview mode, and one new feature that is absolutely game changing for me.

High DPI Monitor Support

If you are an owner of a 4K monitor, you can now enjoy High-DPI scaling support on both Linux and Windows in the Unity Editor.

Finally!  No more blurry fonts on High DPI monitors.  Better late than never I suppose.  Other features of this release include:

  • Texture Mipmap Streaming
  • Package Manager Update
  • Particle System Improvements
  • Camera Physical Properties
  • Animation Jobs C# API
  • Vulkan support in the Editor on Windows and Linux

There are a boatload of other fixes and improvements in this release, be sure to check the release notes for more details.  Click here to download Unity 2018.2 beta.  Of course the standard caveats apply, this is a work in progress build, so expect some bugs and do not use in production.  That said, as a High DPI monitor user, I’m tempted to ignore my own warning in this case!  You can also read more about this release on the Unity blog here.

The following video shows the new improved High DPI functionality in Unity 2018.2 in action:

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