Unity 2020.1 Beta Released

In continuing not-GDC news, Unity have just released Unity 2020.1 beta.  This beta continues the trend of moving more and more functionality into packages, including new code performance and analysis tools, support for Visual Studio and VS Code and more.  Additionally 2D physics was improved, raytracing support was added and more.

Details from the Unity blog:

The Unity 2020.1 beta is a milestone in the development cycle of the first TECH stream release this year, one of two 2020 TECH stream releases that lead up to the 2020 Long-Term Support (LTS) release next year.

As a token of our appreciation, everyone who tries out the 2020.1 beta and submits at least one bug report gets a chance to win one of four NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 2080 graphic cards. See the end of this post for details on the prize draw.

On April 20, we will be hosting a webinar for people interested in a guided tour of the features and updates in this beta. You can register here and find more information at the bottom of this post.

To get started, download the Unity 2020.1 beta from the Unity Hub or from our beta page. We recommend that you check out the beta to evaluate the technology while planning your future development, and don’t use it to work on projects that are live or in production. As always, make sure you back up existing projects before you test them with beta and Preview technology. Read our guide for more details.

For more complete details be sure to check out the video below.  If you are interested in the Physics2D samples mentioned in the video, it is available here on GitHub.

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