Unity 2020.1 Released

Hot on the heels of yesterdays announcement that Bolt for Unity is now free, today we have the release of Unity 2020.1.  There are several new features and improvements in this release including:

  • improvements to the package management system and package curation
  • new packages in preview including
    • Profile Analyzer
    • Kinematica
    • Cinemachine 2.6
  • 2D Physics improvements, including the 2D Physics Sample being updated.
  • UI improvements including focused inspector, prefab improvements and more
  • new verified packages including:
    • Cinemachine 2.5
    • Input System
  • camera stacking in the URP
  • lightmapper improvements
  • AR foundation SDK and platform support improvements
  • device simulator greater device support
  • other fixes, improvements and features

For more details be sure to check out the Unity blog or the much more in-depth Unity 2020.1 release notes.  Learn more about this release in the video below.

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