Unity 30 for $30 Mega Bundle

Unity have quietly dropped a new bundle on the Asset Store, the Unity 30 for $30 Mega Bundle. This is a collection of up to 30 Unity assets organized into two tiers, one at $20 and the other at $30.

The bundle is organized as follows, with the $30 tier containing all of the assets included in the $20 tier:

$20 Tier

Aurora FPS Engine

Action RPG Starter Kit

Dialog Anims


Digger – Terrain Caves and Over Hangs

Underworld: Cave Environment

Basic Motions

Procedural Lightning

Fantasy Skybox

HUD Navigation System

ChatGPT for Games – AI Integration

Hex Basic Set: Painted 2D Terrain Tiles

Low Poly Terrain – Polaris 2020

Control Freak 2 – Touch Input

Post Processing Volumes

$30 Tier



100+ Stylized Weapons



Low Poly Modular Terrain Pack

Look Animator

Toony Tiny RTS Set

Shader Control VFX Shaders

Huge Medieval Fantasy Village Environment

Alien Terrain Pack


Easy Grid Builder Pro

Third Person Shooter Bundle

Epic Toon VFX

The above links contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used (and thanks so much if you do). The 30 for $30 Mega Bundle runs through October 24th, 2023.

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