Unity 4 Beta is live


You can go ahead and download it right here.  Rather impressively, I am getting 2mb download speeds, so their servers haven’t melted down like on previous releases.


It doesn’t yet appear to be available for MacOS X.  The beta also doesn’t include the ability to trial pro for 30 days.


You can read the release notes right here.



Key features of the beta:


  • humanoid animation system, reuse same animations on different sized characters,  map bones of models to human muscles with a single click.  Animation editing directly in Unity
  • DirectX11 rendering
  • Geometry and hull shaders added
  • Linux publishing
  • Normal maps and custom shader support for terrain
  • Shadows on mobile devices
  • 3D volume texture support
  • Dynamic font rendering that looks the same on all platforms
  • New project browser
  • GUI system re-written
  • New cursor api, supporting hardware cursors on certain platforms
  • New licensing options and abilities
  • Many other improvements, changes and fixes ( and most likely, bugs Smile )


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