Unity 5.3.3p1 Patch Released


Another week, another Unity patch.  This one is actually pretty meaty in the fix category, about twice as many fixes as usual, which I have to assume is a good sign.

From the release notes:

  • Metal: Add -force-metal switch to force Metal rendering on OSX/iOS.
  • Editor: Added warning dialog if there is any version difference between editor started and last project save.
  • Unity Ads: Updated to 1.5.6.
  • (756851) – Animation: Fixed an error where the enabled property could not be animated on lights using the Animation component.
  • (765367) – AssetBundles: Removed sync load from AssetBundleRequest. Improves load times when doing multiple consecutive async loads from asset bundles.
  • (759869) – Code Stripping: Problems with use of UnityWebRequest when “Strip Engine Code” player setting is disabled has been fixed.
  • (none) – Editor: Changed the “Module Manager” button to “Open Download Page”, in Build Settings, for missing playback engines.
  • (753114) – Editor: Fixed “TLS Allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD …” messages in console when saving a scene.
  • (755096) – Editor: Fixed being unable to drag and drop components we are not expandable (such as the ‘audio listener’).
  • (759058) – Editor: Fixed missing foldout arrows in Lighting Window.
  • (763306) – Editor: Now show detail alert information to user when their account get locked out.
  • (743678) – ETC1: Fixed ETC1/Alpha split not working with the default sprites shader.
  • (768086) – iOS/Video: Fixed an issue with videoplayer crashing on iOS 7 when exiting playback.
  • (759894) – iOS: Added a functionality to filter out emoji characters from the virtual keyboard.
  • (760747) – iOS: Fixed a crash triggered by deactivating an input while app is going into background.
  • (759480) – iOS: Fix for WWWConnection deadlock.
  • (765578) – iOS: Move callback methods to another thread as to not block main thread when streaming assets.
  • (761361) – iOS: Notify Transport that we finished receiving data so we can mark the buffer as complete when we get an error.
  • (759529) – JsonUtility: Fixed a crash when serializing very large arrays/lists.
  • (769065) – Mono: Fixed an issue with a game hanging when calling Socket.Accept() (Windows).
  • (767741) – Mono: Fixed a socket communication issue with IPv6 networks.
  • (none) – OpenGL: Fixed a crash on compute shader linking failure.
  • (712948) – OSX: Fixed an issue where text was pasted twice in input fields in the Standalone Player.
  • (716264) – Physics: Fixed HingeJoint setup issue when changing isKinematic property on attached Rigidbody.
  • (753846) – Physics: Prevent Collider recreation when setting isKinematic; therefore, OnTriggerExit/Enter are not triggered unnecessarily.
  • (770926) – Scripting: Fixed issues with Scriptable objects added as sub assets with AssetDatabase.AddObjectToAsset.
  • (none) – Scripting: Fixed registration of Shuriken icalls under Mono AOT.
  • (766349) – Serialization: Fixed crash in JsonUtility when deserializing arrays of classes or structs on .NET scripting backend.
  • (none) – Shaders: Fixed a potential editor crash if shader compiler failed to disassemble a shader.
  • (752250) – Shaders: Fixed an editor crash on shutdown if the shader compiler had previously crashed.
  • (770272) – tvOS/Video: Clicking menu button while on video playback could cause view to exit but Unity player to remain paused.
  • (733936) – UI: All struct value types now use iEquatable to prevent memory allocations.
  • (734023) – UI: Fixed an issue where setting canvas scaler to zero would cause a out of memory exception.
  • (739405) – UI: Fixed an issue where text glyphs would be truncated if any texture filtering occurred.
  • (740297) – UI: Fixed an issue where UnityEvent wouldn’t allow the removal of events after reload.
  • (733760), (727436) – UI: Fixed an issue with Masking when enabling and disabling graphics.
  • (736717) – UI: If the mask is disabled we should use the baseMaterial instead of the masking material.
  • (none) – UI: If the UI shader is not found the default “pink” shader will be used.
  • (704782) – UI: Make sure FontUpdateTracker get called for tracking fonts changed in the inspector.
  • (711719) – UI: Make sure InputEvents are sent when IME composition strings are updated in Windows Standalone.
  • (745015) – UI: Removed special case ascent calculation for non-dynamic fonts.
  • (727512) – UI: The UI batching grid size is not deterministic based on canvas/ element size.
  • (none) – UI: Use GetRayIntersectionAll in Physics2DRaycaster to get more accurate results.
  • (738986) – UI: When updating rectTransform data make sure comparisons are against old value not the set value.
  • (none) – VR: Fixed Camera tracking poses being different for each camera in the scene during the same frame.
  • (none) – VR: Fixed eye buffer masking even when the Camera’s targetEye is none. (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • (734549) – VR: Fixed stereoMirrorMode Judder in the right eye.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed graphics driver crashing on Adreno 225, 305 and 330 GPUs when shadows are enabled with Universal 10 SDK. Shadows are now forcefully disabled by unity when running on devices with these GPUs as it has been the case with previous Windows Store SDKs already.
  • (none) – Windows Store: Fixed plugins that are marked are only UWP compatible to be only included in UWP builds
  • (none) – Windows Store: fixed texture sampling on Adreno 225 GPU when texture height is 1 pixel.

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